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#thegame23 can be an A.R.G., a simple interactive art project or a complicated interactive joke, it can be anything you want.

As Timoteo Pinto (famous `pataphysician meta-discordian post-neoist) puts it about the 42.5 version of the game:

"Some people say that #thegame23 mod 42.5 is a complicated A.R.G. disguised as a simple interactive art, other people say that #thegame23 mod 42.5 is a complicated interactive art disguised as a simple A.R.G.. Some other people say that #thegame23 mod 42.5 is a complicated interactive joke disguised as a simple pataphysics, other people say that #thegame23 mod 42.5 is a simply complicated interactive disguised pataphysics disguised as complicated pataphysical simple joke."

As you can perceive by this open nature there are different versions of the game. Here are some of them:

- The original game, made by the famous hacker group Anonymous

- The adacic1033 OpPSION version of the game.

- The 42.5 mod. A version with a characteristic discordian taste.


#thegame23 Mod 42.5 projects, conspiracies, mindfucks and `pataphysics:

TheGame23 App on Play Store

The Game of Life - Timothy Leary with Robert Anton Wilson

-- KSTXI Intergalactic Discordian Groucho Marxist Anarcho-Zen Party

Project 00AG9603 - #thegame23 level 5

How to become a meme god - by Brian Vereschagin


- Map The Unexpected

- Play with the Manipulation of Living Symbols

- Cannibalize every reference

Finite and Infinite Games - by James Carse

Project 89


A relationship with reality as mutually creative and co-equal - by Eris_Omniquery

Virus 23

Hyperstition - by Delphi Carstens

Creating meta-narratives as a hypersigil within a larger ARG scenario, for personal and societal transformation - by ARGO - Alternate Reality Game Organization

Synchromystic Neoism Connections

Synchromystic Neoism Connections as a possible bridge to Hyper-Surrealist Meta-Discordian Post-Neoism Conspiracies - by Serena Coburn

Hyper-Surrealist Meta-Discordian Post-Neoism Conspiracies

KSTXI Meta-Discordian Post-Neoist Memes Illuminati Cabal


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