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Novislav Đajić is a guy that plays accordion in the Bog je Srbin i on će nas čuvati video.


The story behind Novislav Đajić is very shocking. He was a very talented accordion musician, had a masters degree in art and music. According to some stories, Novislav's family was killed in March 1992 in the village of Sijekovac (before the war even started) while he was away on business in Doboj. His 3 year old daughter, wife, old man and few other relatives as well as every resident of his village (including 18 children). His house was burned down to the ground. Everything he had was gone in a day. A place where he spent his childhood, his wife was raped and slaughtered and his kid was asleep when Muslims threw a hand grenade into his bedroom. Village survivors said when Novislav returned he just stood for a while in front of his burned house and turned around without saying a word. He left and never returned again. He then decided to take justice into his own hands and joined Serbian army. His fellow army soldiers reported that he was very weird, silent and never stick to the plan of action, acted alone usually. He was carrying a small accordion which he used to play at night after successful combat operations. War reports say he killed 75 Muslim paramilitary soldiers alone during the war and sometimes played accordion next to their dead bodies. A victim of his acts, a Bosniak who luckily survived says that to this day, he sometimes hears accordion playing out of nowhere and a familiar song. Usually at night, or in a dream. His biggest fear is that he'll meet Novislav again, some soldiers say he was killed in a suicide mission, driving a truck full of explosive into Muslim terrorist camp, some say he's still alive today somewhere in a prison in Germany.