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Multiversalism is the philosophical singularity. Gravitational singularity its a point within a black hole after the horizon of events(a point in which a object cant escape from the power of the gravity of the black hole) in where the rules of the physics dont apply anymore. Think about this: The black hole it is a event that follow the physics but at same time undermine his influence. The same occur with multiversalism. The complex consciousness of the humans connect our species with a collective telepathic web in where all the universes of the multiverse coexist in a same place. The human, speaking in analogy, it is the black hole, and our consciousness it is a singularity, we live in a crossroads of realities. Multiversalism is the knowledge of that applied in philosophy. Think about a mathematical formula utterly logic and free of mistakes that can proove that 2+2 = 5. That is Multiversalism. A philosophical(and anti philosophical) system actively based in the infinite strings of the multiverse web who through its logic can undermine the ontological views based in the threedimensional world and replace them for more interesting realities tunnels. In a theorical scenario, this philosophy will be able to move humans to the achievment of their utopias. If we coexist with the multiverse in our consciousness, why the communication with extradimensional beings wouldn't be possible? If possible, we can ask these hypothetical beings to change our threedimensional enviroment to a more suitable one. The paradise. If not, the ontological change possible through this philosophy will be enough to achieve our paradises in this universe.