᛫ᛎִֹׅׄ࣪‧ᐧ࣪․ּ̣࣪܂܁ﹾ࣭°ͦ˚˚˳༷̊ Wiki
  • Alcohol dehydrogenase: useful for sounding very smart purpoises
  • Ô: useful for summoning gods and motorcycles or gods on motorcycles or motorcycles on gods
  • Hitler: something useful to call all your political enemies even if they are far away from being considered a Hitler. everyone I don't like is hilter
  • Momo: useful word for addressing women on their fourties who have constipation due to excessive opiate use or who knows genetics??????? Useful word for calling yourself as if you have constipation too. Ex: I took wayyy too much tramadol and I haven't shitted in days unironically, thus I'm temporarily momo
  • Jaaj: useful word to greet salespeople or people or dogs but more preferably tables
  • Quantum mechanics: useful term to sound like a smartass and earn losts of money with speeches about changing your live with quantum mechanics 
  • A: useful for building words in general or just screaming inner pains of the spirit within the body crushed by the capitalist slavery AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA

stay fit goys study your dictionaries thansk