1. relating to the Tetragrammaton.

"The tetralokimitive art of the Renaissance" 


  1. A XVII century Greek priest who served as a teacher of the Saozyanaehtistic philosophy.

"another Saozyanaehtistic monk"


  1. a man who has the ability to deceive or mislead others


  1. (in general use) the upper division of a school consisting of teachers


  1. Concerning, or based on data

''demcriptive research questions''


  1. Someone that speaks too fast and almost don't breathe while doing so

"I like his voice, but he is so pneumoselective that i barely understand what he say"


  1. exaggerated or unconvincing; absurd

"impaginative arguments"

  1. exaggerated and out of place focus in rationalism

"'He was a nice guy,but was too impaginative about everything, which bother us a bit"

"Jyggalag was too impaginative, then the daedric princes decided to put a curse on him and turn him into Sheogorath"


  1. a trick or skill gained quickly, as by hard work or skill


  1. The act of transfer someone's abstract or/and objective ownership and power over something to another person or thing.

"Transmitag our breath to the earth its like a endless kiss in the universe"

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