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The Cat Gods are Returning !



Cat Temple(Nok-Zakshod) was inspired by a vision of a Borgoz (Black Sister) who projected her mind across spacetime into the body of an antediluvian Atlantean priestess. There, she learned of the legend of Vrilazimur, the Black Sun and the Cat Gods of Atlantis.


According to the legend, a race of giant cat-beings came down from the stars in prehistoric times and taught the Atlanteans many secrets of science and magick. An Atlantean sorcerer named Vrilazimur first learned how to harness the energy of the Black Sun, which he named Vril. The Vril made him powerful, but it was too strong for his will to control, and he soon became possessed by the aggressive spirit of the Black Sun. So Vrilazimur was transformed into a Dark Lord and prophet, who gathered around him a dark army called the Black Brotherhood to conquer Atlantis and found a new Empire – the Empire of the Black Sun. Thus was born the Borgazûl.

One of Vrilazimur's first projects as God-Emperor of Atlantis was to have an army of slaves construct a vast pyramid to focus the Black Sun's energy, which he used to summon a “cat god” to Earth. The cat god appeared, bearing the black circle symbol of power and the ankh of eternal life. Thus was born Nok-Zakshod (“Cat Temple”) – a vast hall of giant cat statues and an altar upon which offerings were made to the feline gods from the stars.

It's not known what became of the cat temple or its religion, but it is believed that the Egyptian Sphinx and the cult of Bastet are remnants of a great antediluvian tradition; the answers to this and many other great mysteries of Atlantis may lie in the “Hall of Records” located in a secret chamber beneath the Sphinx itself.


The modern Cat Temple is dedicated to reviving this lost Black Atlantean cult, and duplicating Vrilazimur's feat of calling the cat gods to Earth using the Vril of the Black Sun. The Temple complex features a pyramid with a black circle painted on its capstone, a dais with a large Egyptian-style cat statue and a black sun mural behind it. In their rituals, Cat Templars, dressed in black robes with hoods bearing the black circle symbol, approach the cat statue holding live Temple cats, which they offer as tokens of their devotion.